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What factors are related to the amount of polyacrylamide?
2022-06-22 09:50:31
What factors are related to the amount of polyacrylamide?
Polyacrylamide is a linear polymer, which has good flocculation and plays an irreplaceable role in the field of water treatment. Because the production cost of polyacrylamide PAM is relatively high, and enterprises in sewage treatment also need to calculate the cost, so many people are more concerned about the amount of polyacrylamide. So what are the factors related to the amount of polyacrylamide used in sewage treatment? Here is the explanation for you.
Factors affecting the amount of polyacrylamide:
First, sewage quality and concentration:
The sewage water quality and concentration of different factories are greatly related to the amount of polyacrylamide, such as the same sand washing factory, the amount of sewage sediment content is different, the amount of polyacrylamide is different, the same sediment content, different water quality and mud in different areas will also lead to different product usage. The water quality of industrial wastewater from chemical plants, pharmaceutical factories and paper factories is much more complex than that of sand washing factories. Subtle changes will cause changes in dosage.
Two, the site conditions of use:
Field conditions include the dissolution concentration of water treatment agent, dissolution time, length and strength of coagulation time, the influence of process equipment, etc. The high concentration of solution will increase the difficulty of coagulation and the dosage of reagent is not easy to control. Short dissolving time leads to waste of reagent and increase of usage. When the coagulation time is short and the strength is low, it is not suitable to use the solution with high molecular weight or high concentration, which is easy to waste the reagent. The influence of process equipment, such as plate and frame machine to save medicine than filter belt machine, equipment of different manufacturers of water filtration performance is also different. The above problems are only examples to illustrate the actual application of operating conditions, equipment impact on the dosage of agents are a great influence.
Three: product selection problems:
Polyacrylamide type determines its dosage, such as using 18 million and anionic 8 million molecular weight, the molecular weight of anionic polyacrylamide molecular weight is not the higher the better, but for most of the water quality of high molecular weight products use properly performance-to-price ratio is high, the water quality models used in the same dosage is completely different, It could be twice as bad or twice as bad or more.
Polyacrylamide selection
The above is affecting the sewage treatment of polyacrylamide use amount of factors, Open source suggested that users in the selection of polyacrylamide, must be through sampling experiment selection, and then on the machine test, determine the accurate model and amount of polyacrylamide, in order to achieve good effect, less dosage, low cost of the ideal effect.
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