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What is the main applications of polyacrylamide?

What is the main applications of polyacrylamide?

Polyacrylamide can be divided into cationic polyacrylamide and anionic polyacrylamide and nonionic polyacrylamide and amphoteric polyacrylamide according to different degree of ion and hydrolysis degree and different applications.


Applications of polyacrylamide

(1)Drilling mud material.

 Anionic polyacrylamide can be Used as drilling mud additives in oilfield exploration and development and geology,water conservacy and coal exploration.i can prolong the bit’s life,raise the drilling rate and drilling footage,reduce the time of exchange drills.it has abvious effect in avoiding well collapse.it can also be used as oilfield fracturing fluid and profiling water blocking agent.we recommend our models of Chinafloc A3019 and Chinafloc A3018

(2) Industrial wastewater treatment.

 Especially for the treatment of wastewater containing suspendent particles which is coarse,high concentration and with positive charges and water’s PH value is neutral or alkaline.most effective for wastewater treatment of iron and steel plant,electroplate factory,metallurgy and coal washing.we recommend our models of Chinafloc A2718 and Chinafloc A3018 and Chinafloc A2015

(3)Displacement agent for tertiary recovery of oilfield.

PHPA polyacrylamide can adjust the rheology of water injection,increase the viscosity of fisplacing liquid,improve the spreading efficiency of liquid displacement ,bring down the water permeability in strata and keep water and oil to flow at a constant speed.it is mainly used in tertiary recovery of oilfields.injection of each ton of PAM products can help to gather 100-150 tons extra crude oil.we recommend our models of Chinafloc A2320 and Chinafloc A3020 and Chinafloc A2525

(4)Drinking water treatment.

Many water plants in China come from river water,which contains large sum of sediment and mineral,very turbid.after precipitation and filtration,it still can not meet the requirements.flocculant is needed.water plants used to use inorganic flocculants.but large additive amount is required which caused the increase of sludge volume,not effective.use anionic polyacrylamide flocculants,with 1/50 additive amount that of inorganic flocculants,several times and even dozens of times effectiveness obtained than that of inorganic flocculants.for those organic polluted river water,better effectiveness can be achieved while mixed used together with cationic polyacrylamide.we recommend our models of Chinafloc A2517 and Chinafloc A3517 and Chinafloc A2520.

(5)Clarifying agent in sugar refining industry.we recommend our models of Chinafloc A2517 and Chinaf.loc A3517

(6)Additives and adhesives in aquatic product feedstuff.we recommend our model of Chinafloc A2520

(7)Papermaking additives.we recommend our model of Chinafloc PG-3012

(8)Can be used for caustic soda’s clarification.used as retention aid,filter aid,reinforcing agent for wet and dry paper.

4. Instruction for use

(1)It's very important to make the efficient dispersion during using, otherwise will cause agglomerate and "fish eyes", dissolving time will be longer.

(2)Low-hardness water for use; avoid adopting such tank or pool, which will influence on water quality.

(3)Improve the water temperature to accelerate the dissolving velocity, but not exceed 50.

(4)Stirring will accelerate dissolving, but tough stirring will make the dispersant chain broken and degradation. Shipshape agitator with 200 - 500 rpm is the best choice.

(5)Commonly mix the product into 0.05%--0.5%(w/w)solution as reserve.

(6)Adjust the optimum dosage of product according to application condition.