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The Application of Nonionic Polycarylamide
2015-03-09 08:41:24

The nonionic polyacrylamide is homopolymerize by the acrylamide, it figures the high purity, lower degree of the ionization, good performance and wid applications etc.

The main applications:

1.The nonionic polyacrylamide is mainly used as the basic raw material of the modified polyacrylamide. For example, the anionic polyacrylamide is hydrolyzed by the acrylamide which is as the raw material, choosing the different model of the acrylamide according to the different usage of the anionic polyacrylamide. The nonionic polyacrylamide is also the main basic raw material of the Manichi cationic polyacrylamide.

2.The nonionic polyacrylamide is mainly used as the flocculant. Because in its molecular chains there are a certain amount of the polarity genes, these polarity genes can adsorb the suspending solid particles in the water and make the formation of the larger flocs of the solid particles. It can accelerate the settlement of the particles suspending in the water, therefore it has the very obvious effects in the clarification of the solution and in the promotion of the filtering process. With such effects, it is widely used in the treatment of the waste liquid and the waste water in the chemical industry and in the municipal sewage treatment. Especially when the waste water is acidic, the nonionic polyacrylamide is mostly suitable in the treatment. It can also be used together with the inorganic salt flocculants such as the polymerized ferric and the polymerized aluminum etc.

3.The nonionic polyacrylamide can be used as the additives in the textile industry. Using the nonionic polyacrylamide along with other chemicals can confect the chemical slurry for the textile sizing process, which can improve the adhesion resistance, the permeability and the desizing performance etc, thus, to make the fabric with the features such as the antistatic property, the low sizing rate, the reduced ground pulp spot, the lower cloth machine breakage rate and the lower littler rate etc.

4.The nonionic polyacyrlamide can be used as the water treatment agent for the sewage treatment. When the sewage is of the significant suspending situation, it is mostly appropriate to use the nonionic polyacrylamide as the flocculant, that is because the polyacrylamide has the adsorption and bridging effect, which can make the suspending particles to be flocculated and deposited and then achieve the water purification effect. The nonionic polyacrylamide can also be used for the pure water treatment, it is of non toxicity, especially when using together with the inorganic flocculant, it can achieve the best water treatment result.

5.Using 95% of the nonionic polyacrylamide and 5% of the NN- methylene bisacrylamide, the miscible solution can be used as the chemical grouting and water shutoff agent in the dam, the foundation and the tunnel etc.

6.Make the polyacrylamide solution with the 0.3% concentration and add the crosslinking agent, spray the solution into the desert, the curing film can keep and maintain the sand, that is a very important solution in the management of the desert. The polyacrylamide has very strong moisture absorption, it can keep the moisture of the soil, so in the arid area, the use of the polyacrylamide is a very good measurement for the soil improvement and maintaining.

7.The polyacrylamide can be used in the petroleum industry. It is widely used in the oil drilling, the drilling mud and the treatment of the waste drilling mud, it can prevent the water channeling, reduce the friction, enhance the oil recovery rate, and have been widely used for the Enhanced Oil Recovery.

8.The polyacrylamide can be used in the paper making industry. It has several significant functions: firstly, it can improve the retention rate of the fillers and the pigments, therefore, to reduce the loss of the raw materials and toe pollution to the environment; secondly, it can improve the strength of the paper products (indluding the dry strength and the wet strength); thirdly, the use of the polyacrylamide can also improve the paper product tearing and porous ability, which can improve the vision and the printing performance; in addition, the polyacrylamide can be used in the packaging paper for the food and for the tea etc.

9.Mix the polyacrylamide and the wood cellulose, coupling with some other chemical additives, it can be sued as the oil plugging agent.

10.The polyacrylamide can be sued in the construction industry, in the building glue and in the inner wall coating etc.

11.In the other industries:
In the food industry, the polyacrylamide can be used in the sugar cane juice clarification process and in the floatation extraction process of the cane sugar and the beet sugar production.
The polyacrylamide can be used in the liquid clarification in the enzyme preparation fermentation industry.
The polyacrylamide can be used for the recovery of the protein, it has stable quality and the good performance, and the recovered protein powder has no adverse effect on the increase to the chicken survival rate, to the chicken weight increase and to the laying rate etc.
The polyacrylamide can also be used in the synthetic resin coating, in the construction grouting material and the water plugging, in the building material, in the improvement of the cement quality, in the building glue material, in the joint repair and the water plugging agent, in the soil improvement, in the electroplating and the dyeing industries etc.