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How to choose Polyacrylamide supplier?
2018-01-09 09:57:50

This article will tell you how to choose the polyacrylamide supplier as a buyer, also it adapts to other goods.

There are 4 main factors to consider when you wanna buy something from a Polyacrylamide supplier: quality, quantity, price and service. We all know that but hoe to judge it?

First of all, manufactory has more advantages than trader as a seller.

Quality: Sample is required, manufactory view is better. Get a test to know the quality. But there is one big problem, if they give you the good sample and sell you bad products, what should we do? If it happened, I am sry to tell you that you have no choice only bear the loss. But I can tell you how to avoid the risk. As I said before, manufactory is better than trader, because manufactory always do the same technology to keep the products has stable quality. Then if you choose the manufactory as a partner, the quality is not a problem. Just ask their address and professional questions to know if they are trader or manufactory.


Quantity: This is a main factors to know something from a supplier. If the quantity is large, it means sell better, and machine keeps working to reduce the cost. You should have a basic knowledge of how much outputs in one production line. Remember, if the trader tell you something about this, he is lying..


Price: Top 1 factor to a buyer. Even we know the cheaper price has more risking to buy bad good, some international buyer still insist asking the cheaper price than we supplied. And most time they could make it, sure they get bad products. Manufactory sell products in same price no matter demestic marketing or global marketing, so you but it from trader should cost you more. It is the truth.


Service: The professional technology supporting, the other relate service, the details of some small things, these will be make you easier to have a cooperation. Time is money my friend. Manufactory will give you best service. 


Quality: ISO 9001 and sample free, manufactory visiting is welcomed.

Quantity: Almost 1000 tons with 3 production lines. 600 tons for exporting per month, top 5 in China.

Price: Lower price buy the better cost control.

Service: Just a brief talking make you more clearly to polyacrylamide.


We, Shandong Raitte Chemicals Co., Ltd is a leading manufactory which is focus on polyacrylamide almost decade. We are Top 5 exporter in China.

1.   We are creating cooperation with Famous Chemical University and Chemicals Laboratory to make sure our technology refresh and problem solving, which means the quality is guaranteed, the production process is efficient while the cost is lower.

2.   We have some national patents to insure the company vitality.

All mechanized production and strict rules and regulations make sure the execution going well.

3.   More than 70% manager have Master or MBA degree make the company has positive future.

4.   ISO 9001 has achieved.


If wanna get more details, we should talk more.