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Coal washing wastewater treatment
2015-01-29 09:00:11


  Coal washing wastewater industry, thermal power plants rinse water, water is a mixture of pulverized coal Slime and water, using anionic polyacrylamide flocculant APAM quickly washing wastewater treatment.

  Coal washing waste water is wet washing effluents. Wet washing method is divided into two kinds of washing and dry washing. When coal washing water wet tonne for 2-8m3. Wastewater generated mainly contains suspended solids particle size of less than 50μm, the main component of the micro-pulverized coal waste water, sand, clay, rock, pink pages. Wastewater treatment methods generally use more condensed sedimentation or flotation method. The treated water can be reused for production.

  The coal industry, coal washing waste water, water slurry preparation plant, coal-fired power plants are ground flush wastewater mixture of water and fine coal, its main feature is the high turbidity, fine solids particle size, solid particle surface more negative charge, the same charge repulsion between these particles remains dispersed state in water, is affected by gravity and Brownian motion; the interaction Slurry interface between the solid particles (such as adsorption, dissolution, compounds, etc.), so that washing wastewater nature rather complex, not only the nature of the suspension, but also has the property colloid. For the above reasons, the washing waste water is difficult to clarify the nature, and the supernatant after precipitation of such waste water is still suspended solids with a large number of black slime, etc. liquid containing coal preparation process of various additives and heavy metals and other harmful substances. not a lot of coal washing wastewater discharge standards, resulting in water pollution, river blockage, slime loss to the country caused great economic losses, but also the coal industry makes more scarce water resources, severely restricts the development of coal production. Therefore, the development of new technologies and efficient coal washing waste water treatment, new technology has important significance, coal washing waste paper for the study, application agglomerate agglomeration technique, experiment conducted a feasibility study room washing wastewater treatment efficiency.

  APAM anionic polyacrylamide flocculant polymers are a class of organic polymer, non-toxic, water-soluble, anionic groups on the molecular chain, and slime wastewater adsorption bridging role in the occurrence of fine particles, and its solution with coal Slurry after mixing, flocculation can quickly form a group, alum large and close, after a small amount of sludge processing, settlement rate.

  Anionic polyacrylamide APAM handling coal washing wastewater, its usage needs to be appropriate, depending on the nature of slime wastewater to the final decision of the use of APAM. Excessive amounts of slime water settlement rate, but the concentrated sludge concentration is too high, reached 700g / L, higher than the standard 500g / L too, sludge treatment for post-adverse, and caused polyacrylamide pharmaceutical waste, increase water treatment costs. Small amount of sewage settling velocity is reduced, concentrated overflow easily exceeded, the water can not reach the late cycle indicators, increase the sewage control difficult. Thus, the use of APAM slime wastewater treatment, the need for strict control of the amount of anionic polyacrylamide ensure slime wastewater treatment compliance, improve the treatment effect and reduce the cost of sewage treatment.