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Causes and solutions of sludge whitening in sewage
2022-06-07 09:41:05
Causes and solutions of sludge whitening in sewage
1. How to solve the problem if the sludge turns white in the process of operation?
Causes: lack of nutrition, a large number of filamentous bacteria or sessile ciliates, poor growth of bacterial micelles; PH value is high or too low, resulting in a large number of filamentous bacteria growth, sludge loose, large volume.
Solution: adjust the inlet water load according to the nutrient ratio, and add the amount of ammonia nitrogen drops, and keep the sludge color for several days. Adjust the influent pH value, keep the pH value of aeration tank between 6 and 8, keep the pH value range for a long time to effectively prevent sludge swelling.
2, in the process of operation if found sludge black how to solve?
Cause: the dissolved oxygen in aeration tank is too low, and the anaerobic fraction of organic matter explains the release of H2S, which reacts with Fe to generate FeS.
Solution: increase oxygen supply or reflux sludge, as long as the dissolved oxygen in the aeration tank is increased, the sludge will gradually return to normal in more than 10 hours.
3. How to solve the difficulty of sludge filtration or the increase of effluent chroma in the test process?
Causes: lack of nutrition or water temperature is too low, poor sludge growth, a large number of sludge flocculation.
Solution: increase load, balance nutrition, raise water temperature and improve sludge growth environment.
4. How to solve the problem of large number of bubbles in the aeration tank?
Cause: the influent load is too high, the impact load is large, resulting in the decomposition of part of the sludge and attached to the bubble to make the bubble sticky and not broken, so a large number of bubbles are accumulated on the water surface.
Solution: reduce the intake of water, slightly increase the amount of reflux sludge, stable for a period of time after the bubble reduction system gradually normal.
5, the aeration tank produced brown or gray foam how to solve?
Cause: sludge aging, sludge age is too high, the sludge attached to the foam after flocculation.
Solution: increase the sludge discharge, gradually update the new sludge in the system, the sludge update process needs to last a few days, during which to control the operating environment, to ensure that the new sludge has a strong activity (ensure the stable level of dissolved oxygen in 1.0 ~ 3.0, the proportion of nutrients to balance, appropriate add nutrients).
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