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Chinaflocs polyacrylamide powders include cationic polyacrylamide(flocculant,PAM),anionic polyacrylamide(flocculant,PAM)and nonionic polyacrylamide(flocculant,PAM),used for water treatment;oilfield,mineral processing ,papermaking and other application areas.

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Anionic polyacrylamide (Praestol 2515) can be replaced by CHINAFLOC A2520
PRAESTOL 2515 is used mainly for flocculation of mineral and hydroxide type solid particles and colloids, preferably for clarification of washing
water in the treatment of mining raw materials. It also used for the treatment of surface an...
The cationic polyacrylamide (Zetag 7645) can be replaced by a CHINAFLOC C0510
Zetag 7645 is a cationic polyacrylamide with low ionic degree and medium molecular weight, which can be widely used in water treatment. CHINALFOC C0510 can be completely replaced, with good application effect.
Application of anionic polyacrylamide with ultra-low molecular weight and viscosity in oil field, mineral processing and water treatment

High quality polyacrylamide (NPAM) is a linear polymer with high molecular weight and low ionic degree. Non-ionic polyacrylamide (NPAM) has very obvious effects of accelerating solution clarification and filtration. Non-ionic polyacrylami...
The non-ionic polyacrylamide (Magnafloc 333) can be replaced by a CHINAFLOC N0510

Magnafloc 333 is a kind of nonionic polyacrylamide with lower hydrolysis degree and medium molecular weight mainly used for mineral processing and water treatment
Application of anionic polyacrylamide (APAM)magnafloc LT27 in drinking water treatment
magnafloc LT27 is a kind of anionic polyacrylamide with 23% hydrolysis degree and high molecular weight .mainly used for potable water treatment.
Application of anionic polyacrylamide (SuperFLOC RH4832) in mineral processing
Polyacrylamide product introduction: polyacrylamide (PAM) is a water-soluble polymer, insoluble in most organic solvents, has good flocculation, can reduce the friction resistance between the liquid, according to the ionic characteristics c...
The cationic polyacrylamide (Flopam FO4248 4350) can be replaced by a CHINAFLOC
Cationic polyacrylamide is a linear polymer composed of cationic monomer and acrylamide copolymerization. Because cationic polyacrylamide has a variety of active groups, it can form hydrogen bonds with many substances affinity and adsorptio...
Application of polyacrylamide in oilfield wastewater treatment
Municipal sewage using polyacrylamide is generally the latter stage of biochemical sludge treatment process, adding polyacrylamide sludge into the filter press for pressure filtration, so as to form mud cake.
Applicable dehydration equipme...
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