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Добавка для бурения

The oil drilling mud additives that we can supply include anionic polyacrylamide and guar gum powder.

1.(PHPA)Anionic polyacrylamide used for oil drilling mud additive.
2.Guar gum powder used for oil drilling mud additive.

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guar gum powder used for oilfield
Guar gum powder:
It works in the petroleum industry as the additives for the aqueous and water / methanol based fracturing fluids, as the water loss control, the viscosity control, the suspensions, the friction reduction or the mobility co...
PHPA Анионный Полиакриламид как добавка для нефтяной бурения
1.Высокая вязкость
2.Легко растворенно
3.Высокая устойчивость к сдвигу
4.Сертификат: ISO9001:2008.
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